[the ARCH way: Yoga]

Archith Seshadri has been practicing yoga at Core Power Yoga since 2019. In 2021, he received a BIPOC scholarship for Yoga Teacher Training and completed his 200 hours teaching certification. He also teaches privately under his company “The Arch Way” using vinyasa flow techniques and a gratitude meditation. Archith is avid into fitness and a healthy lifestyle and works out two hours daily between CPY and Orange Theory. Archith majored in the “C2 flow” which incorporates vinyasa flow. He has also practiced yoga in India, Mexico and the United States.

Archith Seshadri’s Yoga Journey

3 years ago, on a whim, I walked into a Core Power Yoga studio in Buckhead (since I was near Bhojanic and Roots Juices). I started with just a few classes a week because I wasn’t sure if yoga was my flow (assuming it would be slow and not as intense).

2 years ago, in the thick of the pandemic, I resumed classes daily wearing two masks and pushing myself with the added challenge.

1 year ago, I applied for a BIPOC teacher training scholarship and got it on my second attempt (reinforcing that you should never give up)!

Last month, I finished my 200 hour training hours and 1000 practice hours and auditioned to be a yoga teacher at Core Power Yoga.

Yesterday, I taught my first class at the very studio I started at 3 years ago. Actually, my first two classes — with the universe throwing a curve ball (or a sign) and had me sub in for another teacher who called out! The best compliment was when someone said “I thought this was your 100th class and not your first!”

I hope this inspires you to chase after your dreams, stay focused, be determined, have patience and chart your course! Thank you to all my teachers, coaches, and fellow yoga instructors and students who believed in me and helped me through this beautiful journey! It’s made me a better human being and I am excited for the road ahead.