The Arch Way: Storytelling

The Arch Way: Storytelling


The Arch Way: Storytelling

Everyone has a story to share. Whether you are a company trying to share your brand’s vision or an individual trying to craft your narrative, there are a few key elements to a good story. Remember when you were a kid, and you read your favorite fairy tale? It had the elements of a good story. The ‘once upon a time,’ the  ‘happily ever after’, the character development, the scene, the surprise, the emotions etc… A good story should take the reader (audience) through a journey with a good platform, tilt and resolution! 

Here are 15 steps to tell a compelling story.


1. Project – what is the story for (i.e. a book, a podcast, a website, social media, business?)

2. Purpose – why are you telling this story now?

3. Audience – who is this story for?

4. Board – create a vision or mood board to inspire your story!

5. Content – stories come in many formats: Q+A, narrative, news style, documentary

6. Specificity – vivid details help bring a story to life so avoid general references

7. Sensory – add details on what you remember (sights, sounds, smells, touch, taste)

8. Paint – bring the story to life with colors, ambiance, imagery, surroundings, time

9. Development – each character should be thoroughly explored through viewpoints

10. Structure – your story should have a clear plan

  • setup – the who, what, when, where, why, how (paint the scene) (5W’s and 1H)
  • problem  – what is the challenge that the character will face? (obstacle)
  • climax  – how, if at all, did the character overcome the issue?
  • conclusion – what happens in the end?

11. Ending – don’t give away your ending in the beginning! Why will people read the story then?


person writing on white paper

Take a sheet of paper and create a list of your first, last, best, worst. Then write a one-word emotion an object that represents that activity!

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