[the ARCH way: Media]

Everyone has a story to share! I want to share yours.

I am the Atlanta Bureau Chief for Nexstar Media Group. Nexstar owns nearly 200 TV stations in more than 100 cities across the United States. We reach 60%+ of US households and 100 local news websites and 300+ apps. As an Atlanta based correspondent, I cover TV news stories focused on politics and health.

If you would like to be interviewed for a TV news segment, here are some guidelines:

To help streamline our interview, please email B-roll (pictures, videos) for the story (via WeTransfer) to my email address: aseshadri@nexstar.tv. If this is your first on-air TV interview, don’t worry! I’ve created an interview checklist to make this process easier.

(see sample stories here)

If you would like to be interviewed for #archTALKS as a guest, please fill out the form below with your area of expertise and a press kit, headshot, brief bio and sample Q+A

Please complete the media form with a 2 line story summary:

  • Stories are about people for people – share your personal story!
  • Be specific on the who, what, where, when, why and how
  • Use analogies or comparisons to break down complicated details
  • Share specific information on the new, now, and next
  • Use rule of threes to give examples
  • Explain why the story is relevant now?
  • A few facts or stats are helpful to put things in context
  • How do you feel about this topic? Share your unique perspective
  • Speak conversationally with “one thought per sentence”
  • Avoid complicated legal, medical, police terms — break it down to simple terms
  • People want to know who the story benefits and who is most impacted – who wins?
  • How can someone get more info about this (website, social, etc….)?
  • Stories should have an emotional connect and be memorable
  • Speak in your own voice, be authentic and give people a reason to care
  • Your audience is typically a 25-54 year old TV news viewer
  • A great story should have a strong beginning, middle and end!


  • Keep good framing by adding boxes/books so that your laptop is eye level to camera
  • Don’t be backlit meaning don’t sit with a window behind you or a light source
  • Add one or two ring lights to your face so you look focused and bright on camera
  • Keep your phone on mute or airplane mode
  • Close your door to avoid any background noise or distractions
  • If you are using your phone for an IG/FB live, keep it vertical and lean it on your laptop
  • Fully charge all your devices prior to the interview
  • Wear professional attire (think business casual) and avoid any logos/stripes
  • Remember to smile and have fun – talk to the person and not the camera!


MEETING: 6706014712

PASS: 101883