The Arch Way: Coaching

The Arch Way: Coaching

[ARCHOLOGY] Whether you are an actor, host, journalist or expert, at the core of it, you are a storyteller! Polish your presence, perfect your pitch and produce your pieces with clarity and confidence. TV journalist and host, Archith Seshadri, brings more than a decade’s worth of experience to help you become a media personality! This course is for content creators, aspiring hosts, budding reporters/anchors, actors who want to play journalists, motivational speakers and experts trying to break into the business! If you are looking to excel in broadcast journalism, start your own YouTube show or Instagram live chat, #ARCHOLOGY is for you! You’ll learn how to pitch, present and produce your own content!

NEW: TV REPORTER AUDITION WORKSHOP at Drama Inc (Sunday, February 27)


NEWSOLOGY: DISCOVERY (group intensive) – 4 weeks (2 hours each | $399)

This coaching program is for aspiring journalists, reporters and hosts who want to go into broadcasting

  • how to write TV news stories
  • how to sound conversational
  • how to shoot and edit video
  • how to interview effectively
  • how to pitch to the media
  • how to read with a teleprompter
  • how to have a solid on-camera presence
  • how to deliver a solid live shot or stand-up
  • how to set up the perfect in-home studio setup
  • how to set clear goals, build your brand and network

STORYOLOGY: CREATIVITY (group intensive) – 4 weeks (2 hours each | $399)

This coaching program is for actors, hosts, public speakers, industry experts to crafting your story

  • how to tell a compelling story
  • discover your brand, goals and niche
  • write and present your elevator pitch
  • how to memorize your scripts
  • how to add improv to your presentation
  • how to speak with clarity and confidence
  • present your own 10 minute story
  • practice mock TV interview questions
  • be camera ready and know how to handle tough questions

PRIVATE COACHING: $150/hour | half-day and fullday bundle rates available upon request

This program is one-on-one individualized coaching combining topics from Newsology + Storyology

  • one-on-one individualized coaching
  • specific performance feedback
  • recorded sessions to download
  • customized program to help with public speaking
  • building confidence for presentations
  • vocal exercise routine
  • practice banter and improvised questions
  • presentation and branding strategies
  • tips to memorize complicated lines
  • powerfully articulating your story

Archith has an enthusiastic personality that immediately put me at ease in each of our coaching sessions. The depth and knowledge that he added to our discussion each week were invaluable and gave me the confidence to approach my pain points —  writing copy on deadline and live shots — with a new boldness.” — Ashley Moss