[the ARCH way: Coaching]

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I have a passion for learning new things, a natural curiosity to understand the ‘why’ behind things and a “can-do” go getter attitude. When your thirst for knowledge piques, you continue to crave, grow and become a student for life.

Over the past two decades, I’ve transitioned careers, lived internationally, and designed my life to create balance. I truly love what I do – as a journalist, actor, host, yoga teacher, and coach! I am energized by people and love to help others find purpose, set goals and thrive!


For the past 4 years, Archith Seshadri serves as the Atlanta Bureau Chief news anchor/reporter for Nexstar Media Group. Archith has 15+ years on camera experience in TV news working in Macon, Augusta, Charlotte, New Delhi and Atlanta. Prior to that, Archith worked as a consultant at Accenture for 6+ years.

His friends and supporters call him “Arch!” He is widely known for leveraging his platform to inspire others with his energy, passion and positivity. Archith is a renaissance man and can easily connect with people to bring out their story. A Georgia Tech alum, Archith has transitioned careers, lived internationally and even won TWO game shows!

When he is not reporting the news, you may see him play a reporter on TV! He’s appeared in Ozark, Dynasty, First Kill, Kingdom Business and even a chemical engineer in MCU’s WandaVision! Outside of TV news, Archith leads ‘the ARCH way’ where he balances storytelling as an actor, improviser, host, yoga teacher and food blogger!


As a teacher, every student is different and it’s my job to understand your goals, help you map out a plan and give you the tools to succeed! I have a few focus areas for coaching from private to group sessions to corporate events! Come join me on ‘the ARCH way’ to transform your life!

  • Yoga (individual or group sessions: vinyasa + sculpt)
  • Acting (TV newscaster roles for the actor + storytelling)
  • Career Consulting (resume, goal setting, networking, interviewing)
  • Media (pitch, produce and present to the media)
  • Music (Western classical piano, voice and theory)

👉 CONNECT with Archith for services, insights and rates! www.archith.com/theARCHWay