The Art of Branding

The Art of Branding

Every person or product is a brand. You are your brand! The way you dress, the way you speak, the things you post about, the things you enjoy talking about are all elements of your brand.

  • What is YOUR brand?
  • Why is it relevant now?
  • Are you offering a product? a service?
  • What is your elevator pitch – your unique story?
  • Who is your audience (age, gender, demographic, ideal customer)?
  • How can people learn more about you and your brand (website, social media)?
  • What is your unique logo and slogan?
  • Pick up to 3 colors to integrate into your brand
  • Choose up to 2 fonts and keep them consistent
  • Ensure that you keep your audience/customer base updated – consistently
  • What are ways to promote your brand?
  • How do you want people to feel with your brand – happy? inspired? nostalgic?

[THE ARCH WAY] I just listened to a podcast and joined a Clubhouse room this week on “Building Your Brand!” I’ve built mine on my name (ARCH) and things I naturally enjoy (#archTIPS – inspirational quotes, #archEATS – food blog, #archSTORIES – news reports, #archTALKS – interviews and podcasts). I want my brand to leave people feeling inspired. I share my journey on switching careers, working abroad, and finding your purpose. I want to help people and companies find their untold stories.

I wanted to ask YOU — what is the essence of building your brand?

B – bold (a strong choice)

R – relevant (a timely need)

A – authentic (a real voice)

N – new (a unique story)

D – different (a set apart from the crowd)

Brands tell a story – they should be clear (what is it for)?, content (who is the product/service for?), and creativity (logos, colors, fonts, slogans).

Share your BRAND strategies and tips below!