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As your next VP, I’d help secure funding to allow members to participate in the programs, create a pipeline flow between the programs (ELP alums could teach JCamp, Voices), leverage my extensive network for both sponsors and speakers, revamp the curriculum to keep up with industry trends and launch a new training program for mid career / senior journalists. I’ve also met all the AAJA program leaders and had a follow up call this week with JCAMP and Voices to understand challenges and ways to improve each program!

  • Current AAJA Mentor Match Co-Lead (nearly 150 mentor/mentee pairings)
  • Winner of the 2016 AAJA “Mentor Of The Year” award
  • Worked with 2 of the 4 AAJA Journalism Programs (ELP (class of  ’14), Mentor Match)
  • Attended 11 AAJA conferences in US + N3 conference in Hong Kong (moderated/panelist on networking, social media, reporting)
  • Affiliated with 3 AAJA chapters (Atlanta, North Carolina, Asia) since 2007
  • Lead fundraiser for AAJA’s “Men’s Calendar” (placed in the top 12) and won
  • Former Atlanta Chapter President (student workshop, trivia bowl, networking mixer)
  • Created a “Journalists of Color” Atlanta leadership networking group
  • Former Small Market Broadcast Journalists Co-Lead (created training manual for MMJs, internship guidebook and organized training webinars for younger journalists)
  • Attended an AAJA training with JCamp, Voices, Mentor Match and ELP co-leads in Houston to understand current structures, group dynamics and program challenges

I’d love to answer any questions you may have and any ideas to make AAJA’s journalism programs even better! Please join me for a FACEBOOK LIVE on Thursday, October 18th at 2 p.m. ET at www.fb.com/archithNEWS 

Arch By The Letters

Over the years, AAJA has been an important part of my life and career. Now it’s my turn to give back, and I ask for your support in my bid to become AAJA’s Vice President of Journalism Programs.

My journalism career and my commitment to AAJA span more than a decade. I’ve been a member of three AAJA chapters – Atlanta, North Carolina and Asia. I joined AAJA in 2007 and have attended 11 national conferences. I’m thrilled to bring the 2019 National Convention to my hometown of Atlanta.

Journalists need the right tools, training and networks to succeed. I want to strengthen AAJA’s offerings so we can further increase our representation in newsrooms across the country and the globe. Diversity and inclusion are crucial to the survival of our industry.

As a product of two AAJA programs – the Executive Leadership Program and Mentor Match – I believe in nurturing journalists at every phase of their careers. JCAMP, Voices, Mentor Match, ELP and Catalyst have made important contributions to our members and our industry.

As your Vice President for Journalism Programs, I would seek to bring cohesion to our various programs and unite them under a common mission. During the Houston conference, I met with the various program leaders to better understand their challenges, create a brand slogan and formulate a revamped curriculum. This structure would create a pipeline flow between the programs.

My dedication to AAJA is strong. Journalism wasn’t my first career. I began as an engineer, an alumnus of Georgia Tech, but journalism has become my passion and my calling.

I was AAJA’s “Mentor of the Year” in 2016, and I currently co-chair the relaunch of AAJA’s mentorship program (Mentor Match). Already, we’ve successfully paired dozens of mentees with mentors. As an added bonus, we organized an exclusive networking reception for mentors, mentees with recruiters and sponsors.

I’m a former president of the Atlanta Chapter, where I organized the student workshop, the Trivia Bowl fundraiser and established a leadership program for journalists of color.

I’ve raised funds for AAJA by selling the “Men’s Calendar” in 2011. I’ve organized networking mixers, created an MMJ guidebook and held training sessions for small market broadcast journalists as the co-lead of the small-market broadcasting affinity group.


During my two-year stint as an anchor in New Delhi, India, I became an active leader of the Asia Chapter. I helped plan the N3 conference in Hong Kong and presented a session on the “Art of Networking.” I’ve also moderated and served as a panelist at many AAJA conferences sharing my experience on small markets, social media branding and networking.

I’ve worked with other journalism organizations including SPJ, NAHJ, NABJ and RTDNA to identify common challenges and potential solutions. Outside of journalism, I’ve served as the Vice President for the Network of Indian Professionals (NetIP). My passion for music led me to launch my own music school in 2007 and I train students in classical piano and music theory.

Although, I never went to journalism school, I’ve always relied on the support of my AAJA family to empower me. Now, I want to pay it forward and help the next generation of journalists as your next Vice President of Journalism Programs.

Arch by The Recommendations

  • This is my pal Archith Seshadri. He’s a hard working reporter I’ve known for years. The democratic process is important in all walks life. And check out my friend @ArchithNEWS who’s working to make a difference.  — David Ono (ABC News Anchor, LA)


  • I met Archith in 2007 in Miami at our very 1st convention. In the 11 years since, you’d be hard-pressed to find a member more dedicated to sharing his enthusiasm & knowledge with his peers & younger journalists. Proud to endorse him for VP of Journalism Programs! — Trang Do (CBS Reporter, Philadelphia)


  • I’m supporting Archith Seshadri because he represents the modern member of our organization today: he’s taken risks to reinvent himself and forge his own path. He sees beyond established “newsrooms” to create storytelling opportunities and platforms. He mentors. He understands what we need to do to thrive in this profession as long as WE choose, because he’s doing it. This is the leadership I want for AAJA. — Victoria Lim (Sports anchor/freelancer, LA) 


  • You’d be such a great connector and strategist in this role. I’m rooting for you. –Julie Truong (Envision Consulting / AAJA Journalism Program Coach)


  • It’s wonderful to see you seeking office in AAJA. We need great leaders like you! — Sally Ho (AAJA Enterprise Affinity Group)


  • I started my AAJA journey 10 years ago and I’ve experienced a lot of change in that time. One of the few constants has been Archith. A great friend and strong advocate for AAJA. I know he will be a great VP of Journalism Programs! — Shawn Chitnis (CBS Reporter, Denver)


  • It’s voting season— even at AAJA. I’m supporting Archith for VP of Journalism Programs! Thanks for your service thus far, spearheading the mentorship program and supporting the small market broadcast journalists! — Michelle Baik (Northwestern Student, Chicago)


  •  I want to support my friend Archith Seshadri for the role. I’ve known Archith for many years now and can vouch that he has the passion, experience and character to succeed in this role and help AAJA grow. — Cary Chow (Sports Anchor)


  • No one better for the position! Glad to call him a friend & someone who’s perfect for the job. — Tommy Tran (CBS Sports Anchor, Miami)


  • Love it that you are running for SVP of Journo programs. You have my vote. We’d love to work with you on the Mentor Match this year for Asia! — Oanh Ha (AAJA Asia President)


  • If you are a member of AAJA , please consider voting for @ArchithNEWS as VP. He wants to do some great things and has a ton of energy and self-drive to make the magic happen. His vision and drive is an excellent match for AAJA’s need and mission. — (Diana Rohini LaVigne, San Francisco)


  • But I have no doubt Archith Seshadri will lead to a sure win. I’ve seen seen Archith in action – his energy, outlook and commitment – from east to west. And for me, thumbs up all the way. — (Farland Chang, Professor, AAJA Asia)


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